Sylvia learned to clog in California, of all places, then continued in Alabama and North Carolina. She was born in Scotland and lived there till age 19, studying tap, ballet and modern dance as a child. Clogging was discovered quite by accident in a California community college class. Arriving a little early for the class, she watched the advanced students perform routines, and it looked like they were having a wonderful time! She danced with a performing group in Alabama and joined the Apple Chill Cloggers shortly after arriving in North Carolina in 1993. One of the highlights of dancing with the team is the opportunity to travel to other countries; Sylvia has danced in international festivals in Peru, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico and Italy. American traditional clogging as performed by the Apple Chill Cloggers has been universally well received by audiences in all of these countries as well here in the United States, and it is a pleasure to be part of this team.