Jaso grew up in Hillsville, VA and didn’t care too much about old time music and dance until he got to the ripe old age of 21. After failing miserably at imitating Michael Flatley and his Riverdance and learning that Southwest Virginia is actually well respected for its contribution to unique high quality music and dance, he found the real deal at Floyd Friday Night Jamboree in Virginia and has since become a pretty decent (aka “totally awesome” according to the webmaster) old time musician, square dance caller and flat-foot/buck/clog dancer. He thinks that he was immersed in it all his life without knowing but that is extremely debatable speculation. Jaso helped start NCsquares which throws monthly square dance hoe downs featuring amazing local old time bands, callers and good times. He has danced with Hoorah Cloggers, Apple Chill Cloggers and Dueling Shoes. He has taught percussive dance at Ninth Street Dance, Emerson Waldorf and many casual settings that I won’t try to list. He has played in many bands and many configurations under names such as the following: Chinkapin Hunters, Piedmont Allstars, Nadine and the Cornsqueezers, Dr. Reed’s Dandy Boyz, Bob’s Mop, To Hot to Chill, New River Rock Skippers and in countless, nameless jam sessions with amazing musicians from all over. He has travelled to Alaska, Cape Breton, Quebec, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary, and Louisiana to participate in and exchange modern interpretations of traditional music and dance, though lots of it is still a living tradition. You can find him jamming in many secret places as well as many public places like broad street cafe on tuesdays and the UNC pit on wednesdays. Needless to say he likes this stuff and finds it fun and peaceful.