Are you an alumni member of the Apple Chill Cloggers? If so please contribute to this section of our web site. Email us a few paragraphs and a picture or two and we will put it up for other alumni to see.Please include your full name as you would like it to appear. Also include the years you were with the team. Were you a dancer, musician, both; were you the President, or hold other position? Did you go on international trips with the team? You know, tell us about your involvement with the group.

Also include what you are doing today. What do you do to pay the bills, or to relax? Do you still dance and/or play music? Family, children? Let us know what you are doing. And include a couple pictures. If you can, send us one from your days on the team and a current one.

If you want people to be able to contact you from this site send us your email address and/or web page URL and we will include it in your entry.

Jon Amos
Leacey Bachhuber
Steve Bachhuber
Laine Barton
Emily Bidgood
Karen Den Braven
Jan Gittelman
Susan Gramling
Margaret Grayson
Melissa Guffey
Grace Haaland
Heather Hartzog
Camille Izlar
Sylvia Kilgore
Ann Marie Lee
Forrest Oliphant
Jaso Phillips
Holly Prater

Donna Puckett
John Robson
Caleb Rudow
Jeanne and Henry Sawyer
Leigh Scott
Jill Smith
Ginny Hege Tobiassen
Trent Van Blaricom
Gerald Wert
Todd Woerner