Steve was born and raised among the cows and cornfields of Wisconsin where a solid Midwest upbringing and a diet based around meat and cheese helped him prepare to hit the road after high school. And hit the road he did, first to the snow-covered shores of Lake Superior to work on a degree in electrical engineering. The long, cold winters and heavy electronics curriculum that he found there seem to have had a lasting effect on him. We’re not exactly sure what makes Steve tick but we think that it might be regulated by the discharge of a large capacitor. Whatever it is, it certainly helps him keep good timing in our clogging routines and we are thankful for that.

After a few years in Oregon where the weather is also bad, Steve decided to move to the hills of southwest Virginia to work on another degree in electrical engineering. However, something else ended up infecting his brain there. Steve discovered old-time Appalachian music. This caused him to dust off his fiddle and guitar, pick up the banjo, and begin to clog with the Hoorah Cloggers. Steve finally moved to North Carolina in 2004 and after a few months found that he just couldn’t stand being out of a clogging group, so we let him join us.

The picture is of Steve apparently excited about going for a swim. The guy on the right is Steve’s friend Bill.